Junior Football Program

About the program:

AFL clubs have recently started to use gymnastics as a form of conditioning, injury prevention as well as being a fun addition to their standard training.

Gymnastics skill work covers all the dominate movements patterns (spring, landing, locomotion, swing, rotation, static) that are fundamental to all physical activity.

This helps to develop young footballers into more rounded athletes.

​Like AFL clubs, you too, can use gymnastics training as the perfect preseason cross training.

Our new program is run by Tim, who is one of Highett’s senior competitive gymnastics coaches. As well as being a gymnastics coach Tim is also qualified as a Sports Therapist and has worked with Commonwealth Games gymnasts and AFL footballers.

Since a young age, Tim’s two favourite sports have been gymnastics and football and now he uses what he has learned for both to help improve both kinds of athletes.

Tim’s goal is to use what he has learnt from 12 years of gymnastics coaching, his work as a Sports Therapist and sporting career and apply it to football athletes to help them reach their potential.

Highett Youth Club Gymnastics is starting an exciting new program for junior footballers. This 8 week program will use gymnastics skill, strength and flexibility principals to help junior footballers get the most out of their 2018 season, while helping avoid injury.
Across the 8 weeks we will cover:

  • Basics of strength

  • Flexibility and mobility

  • Ideal warm ups

  • How to recover post game

  • How to land or fall to avoid injury

  • Basic gymnastics skills- rolling, swinging, flipping, jumping, landing

For more information please contact reception on 9532 0457.

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