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Heat Policy


This policy is applicable to Highett Youth Club (HYC) to all classes run in the gyms at the Livingston St and Nelson St venues. It does not apply to classes scheduled in the Activity Rooms at Livingston St, barring exceptional circumstances where there is period of extreme weather and the air conditioning is not operational.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the health and safety of athletes and coaches at HYC, in particular the prevention of heat-related illnesses and injury.



“Beat the Heat- playing and exercising safely in hot weather”, Sports Medicine Australia,

HYC, Gymnastics Victoria and Calisthenics Victoria policies relating to:

  • Health and safety


Training in the heat

  • Physical activity in hot weather puts extra stress on the body, and unless adequate precautions are taken, can lead to risk of serious injury or illness.

  • On hot days, coaches will allow for extra drink breaks, rest breaks, and if deemed necessary they will tailor activities appropriately to ensure the health and safety of athletes

Cancellation of Classes on Days of Extreme Heat

  • If the temperature is 35° or more at 2.30pm we will cancel classes. Due to radio stations offering varying temperatures at various locations we will be using the current Moorabbin Airport temperature as listed on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

  • If we are cancelling classes we will advertise this by 2.45pm on the Heat Policy page of the HYC website and our Facebook page

  • If the temperature rises above 35° after 2.45pm we will still run classes and training will be modified to suit the conditions.

  • If the temperature is 35° or above at 2.45pm but a cool change comes in and the temperature drops by 4pm classes will remain cancelled.

  • Morning classes/Day time classes (BabyGym, KinderGym etc)– will usually run at all times. Exceptions will be made to this where we experience several consecutive days of extreme heat conditions. In this instance, we will notify parents/guardians no later than 5pm the day prior via Facebook, the HYC website and via SMS.

  • When classes are cancelled due to the heat policy a make-up session will be offered in the first week of the holidays. When classes are cancelled due to a heat policy in term 4 a credit will be applied to athlete accounts for the following year. Athletes not returning may receive a refund upon written request.

Role of Parents/Guardians

  • Parents are the best judges of their children. The temperature inside the gym can often exceed the outdoors temperature. Parents should not just be guided by our heat policy but also by their children and any other activities they may have participated in at school. If a parent decides not to bring their child on a day when classes are still running they will not be entitled to a credit/refund.

  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to ensure that their children wear clothing appropriate to the weather conditions (ie short sleeved leotard or shorts and cotton t-shirt)

  • Athletes with medical conditions that are effected by the heat (eg. Asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) are encouraged to work within their limits, and where necessary, communicate with their coach regarding their need for modified training on days of extreme heat


  • A post will be put on the coaches’ facebook site by 2.45pm to advise that classes are to be cancelled. Coaches will not be required to attend their class.

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