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HYC is excited to be part of the LaunchPad Gymnastics Sporting Schools program.

​The Gymnastics Australia LaunchPad Gymnastics programs cater for children of all ages and expertly designed for all stages of physical, social and cognitive development.

LaunchPad Gymnastics programs rely on safe and enjoyable activities that challenge participants relative to their abilities and stage development. Many of the games  and activities in LaunchPad programs are based on what fundamental gymnastic coaches around the world have been delivering for years.

Book your Sporting Schools LaunchPad Gymnastics program now to receive:
4 x sessions of quality coaching delivered by a fully accredited Gymnastic coach plus more.

If your school is not already registered, register now to reap the rewards. Visit: 

​Contact reception if you would like to book a Sporting Schools program with us on 9532 0457

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