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The sport where each athlete is a vital team member.

Cheerleading is:

  • An energetic sport that develops poise, coordination and self confidence

  • Develops team spirit and morale

  • Provides an exciting experience in a fun filled environment

  • Gives participants the opportunity to express rhythm in music

Competition routines include stunting, pyramids, group tumbling, jumping and a dance break. The athletes are not only trained for performance but also learn respect, dedication, self-confidence, commitment, sportsmanship and most importantly, teamwork.  

Teams compete at multiple competitions throughout the year, showcasing their routine. A high level of commitment is required in this sport as each athlete is vital in order to execute the routine. 

Higher level athletes are recommended to also attend a tumble class in conjunction to their competitive squad training.

Classes available:

competitive cheerleading
  • Competitive Cheerleading classes ranging from Novice - Development Level 5.

recreational cheerleading
  • Recreational cheerleading classes focusing on stunting, tumblling, jumping & dance.

cheer tumble
  • Dedicated classes focused solely on tumbling skills ranging from Novice - Level 5.

kinder cheer
  • Designed for 3-5 year olds who wish to begin their Cheerleading journey! Athletes learn the basics of cheerleading.

  • Recreational class suited for athletes wishing to focus on routine building and skills.

cheerleading flyers flex
  • Dedicated class focused on improving flexibility and balance.

Competitive team placement:

Athletes are placed in teams according to their age and skill level. Highett Youth Club currently offers Novice - Level 4 Competitive Squads.

Competitive Squads are a year long commitment, with all levels training multiple times per week. It is recommended all competitive athletes also undertake a tumble class.

Additional uniform, training and competition costs do apply to all Competitive Squads.

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