Frequently Asked Questions

Getting In Touch with Dr. Benton

During office hours, please call the office directly at 704-775-6029 if you need medical attention or an issue addressed that day. Please DO NOT text or email Dr. Benton with an URGENT ISSUE during office hours as she does not carry her cell phone with her while seeing patients. She wants to give her patients her full attention during their visits. Therefore, if you text or email her an urgent issue during office hours she may not be able to get back to you in a timely manner which would prevent your acute issue from being addressed as needed. Please call the office for urgent issues during office hours. We strive to provide accessible, affordable, and attentive care to our patients. Please understand that as a small practice, phone lines are manned throughout our regular business hours but it may be necessary for you to leave a message when you call. Messages are checked throughout the day and will be returned asap.


Dr. Benton's personal cell phone should only be utilized in the rare occasion of extreme emergencies outside of business hours and before 10pm. It is her desire that you understand her need to care for her family on evenings and weekends and understand that she may be reached during business hours by contacting the office in the various avenues discussed. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please see the Appointment Request section.

Email Communication

Please email NON URGENT questions or concerns to bentonclinical@bimmail.com or use the Patient Portal. Please understand email communication should not be used for URGENT MATTERS. If the matter is urgent, please see the below information on Urgent Matters. Please allow at least 24 hours for returned email communication. Please limit emails to no more than once a week. It may be determined that an office visit will better serve your needs, if not easy managed via email.

Urgent Matters

During Office Hours:
Please contact the office during regular business hours of 8:00am - 11:30 am & 1:30pm - 4:00 Monday-Friday at 704-775-6029. Or may use our Patient Portal.

After Office Hours:
If the issue is of a serious nature or life threatening, please visit the nearest urgent care facility or call 911.

Use of Facebook

Please understand that Facebook is not a private forum. Therefore, please do not utilize any Facebook communication avenues to provide personal medical information or to request an appointment to be seen.

Holidays/Times Of Unavailability

On the occasion that Dr. Benton is out of town, she will arrange for another health care provider to see you under the terms of your membership unless she feels it would be more appropriate for you to schedule an appointment upon her return or to be seen at an urgent care facility. Please note: For urgent or life threatening matters please visit the nearest urgent care facility or call 911.

Appointment Request

For urgent appointment requests, please call the office at 704-775-6029. For non-urgent appointment requests you may call the main line, email bentonclinical@bimmail.com, submit an appointment request form via our website, or use the Patient Portal system.

Administrative Issues and Medicine Refills

Please contact the office at 704-775-6029 for help with scheduling appointments, fax requests, medication/supplement refill request, etc or use the Patient Portal. We require 48 hours’ notice for medication refill requests (we will always consider an emergency situation to the best of our ability). Please clarify medication name, dose, quantity at time of refill request Please call 704-775-6029 or email bentonclinical@bimmail.com to request supplement refills 10 business days prior to needed, as we are at the mercy of third party manufacturer’s ordering & shipping policies. Provide the appropriate detailed information such as the name of the supplement(s), liquid or capsules, count, flavor, etc. Non-Clinical/Billing: Please call 704-775-6029 or email the office manager at mminton@bimmail.com for help with membership billing issues, administrative or other non-clinical or non-illness related issues.

Lab and Reports

All results from testing will be provided to the patient via email or EHR portal. This includes laboratory and imaging. If you do not hear from our office within a week of having any testing done (or unless otherwise stated for specialty testing), please call us to let us know you have not heard from us. Although we have systems in place to ensure results are processed properly, no system is perfect!

All patients are responsible for lab charges that are not included in the membership fee. We are not responsible for the fees and insurance coverage of these labs. Please verify coverage before agreeing to or submitting the lab test.

Late Appointments and No Shows

If a patient is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, they will be asked to reschedule. We promise minimal waiting room time and prolonged visits because we value our patient's time. Please value ours too. This is the only way we can ensure the delivery of a valuable office experience and prolonged visit times of 30 – 60 minutes.

If a patient has a 2nd "no show" visit at any point during their membership, they will be charged a $50.00 "no show" fee for the 2nd infraction plus any further "no show" incidents. Again, we strive to provide accessible, affordable and attentive care to our patients so please respect these parameters. Consider the fact that if you do not show up for your appointment, there may have been another patient with an acute issue that could have been seen. Of course, we will give careful consideration to emergency issues.