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HYC Committee of Management 2024 - 2025

HYC is a not for profit organisation and is run by a committee of management and an administration team comprising of our Operations Manager, Events Manager, Accountant, Marketing Coordinator and Receptionists.

The HYC Committee meets once a month to discuss strategic management and club development matters, to further the interests of all of our programs. Although most of our coaching staff are paid professionals, our committee are volunteers who offer their time for the benefit of the club.  The HYC committee is elected by the club members every year at the Annual General Meeting in May, and the club is always looking for enthusiastic, creative people to join the committee.  If you would like to be involved in this area please contact the Centre Manager or Club President via email.​


President – Emma McCulloch
Vice President – Vanja Evtimov
Secretary– Jenni Cooper
Treasurer– Mark Powell

General Committee: 
Liz Commons, Darren Godwin, & Beth Phillips.

Vision, Mission & Core Values


To inspire and develop dreams.
To enrich the community by offering a safe, family friendly environment to participate in our programs and active and engaged lifestyles,
Core Values:
On a daily basis, our values provide a common culture and guidance in our decision-making process. We strive to reflect these core values in the delivery of our programs.



We embrace each individual’s unique talents and respect differences in individuals.



We believe in ourselves and we believe in your abilities.  We will never ask anything of you that we don’t believe you are capable of completing.



We are motivated to provide a safe environment and a tailored program based on the individual’s age, capability and capacity for learning.



Dedicated to the growth and success of the individual’s capability.



We are at our best when we are bold, honest and inspiring one another as individuals.



Embracing the diversity and cultural differences of the individuals.

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