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Suitable for children aged 13 - 17 years old.

Gym4Me is a participant-led, social gymnastics class that welcomes athletes of all ability levels aged 12-17! Participants are given the freedom within class to decide what they would like to work on, to help them achieve their individual goals.

As each new year comes around, our current athletes face increasing commitments, whether that be a larger study-load, part-time work, social lives or other sporting commitments!


  • Develops coordination, body movement and balance

  • Builds strength, flexibility and self-esteem

  • Is a class that encourages social engagement whilst
    in a gymnastic-based environment

  • Allows students to choose what is being taught

  • Suited to all ability levels

  • Provides a form of stress relief

  • New social group

​Classes are conducted within a safe environment which caters for personal growth and development.

The classes provide a lot of variety for  everyone to enjoy and most importantly classes are lots of fun!

Enrol your child in a Teen Gymnastics class to help guide them towards a healthy and happy life.

Spending all of your time on your phone? Struggling to remain active with all of life's pressures? We understand life gets busy, which is why we're offering our gymnasts the chance to participate in a social and flexible way!

Only interested in learning particular skills or apparatus? No problem! In Gym4Me choose your own goals and our coaches will help you work towards them!

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