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Viewing Area Policy

The Highett and Moorabbin Viewing areas are not currently available for use by spectators. The following procedures apply to the operation of these areas once restrictions allow us to do so.


  1. Parents/spectators arrive and move directly to the viewing area.

  2. Sanitiser will be provided in the foyer and at the top of the stairs.

  3. QR check in codes will be available in the foyer and at the door of the viewing area. Parents are asked to use the viewing area check in to avoid congestion in the foyer.

  4. Parents/spectators are asked to sit on the crosses marked in the viewing area. Do not sit on areas with no tape. Children must remain seated with their accompanying adult at all times.

  5. Running about the viewing area is not permitted. Parents may be asked to move from the viewing area if this is the case.

  6. Parents/spectators must take all care not to cough or sneeze openly, but to use Covid-19 safe protocols as this area is open to the gym.

  7. Parents/spectators will be asked to vacate the Viewing area 5 minutes before the conclusion of the class. Use the disinfectant wipes provided to wipe down your seating area. Place wipes in the bins provided. Then go straight out the front door to await your child coming out of the gym, weather permitting.

  8. Children will be dismissed from class and directed to collect their gear and meet their parent/guardian at the door.

  9. If you wish to speak with a coach, let reception know and they will make the necessary arrangements.


Highett Youth Club reserves the right to withdraw the use of the viewing area at any time subject to health advice. The safety of our coaches and members is our prime concern. Whilst we understand that parents would like any opportunity to enjoy watching the classes, it must be understood that in some circumstances this is not safe.

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